The All-Star Cast

Invisible Werewolf Dracula

He’s the host with the most. He’s not a ghost, but your guess is close. Though wanted the world over, his tyrannical, impaling days are far behind him, and today he wants nothing more than peace.


Bloodsup – sips the blood with sharp fangs
Vampiric Transfusion – bequeaths vampirism unto another through his fangs
Excite the Blood
– by running very fast when the moon’s light is near, he activates his werewolf power
Invisibilify – becomes mist, temporarily and technically making him a man that is invisible. Limited to five minutes per day
Evil Eye – incites a state of delirium into those he locks eyes with

Vampire Mummy Frankenstein

His name: Adam. His mission: to help Dracula…and to find himself. Long hunted, long dead in an Egyptian tomb, he is now reborn by Dracula’s fangsā€”and once he is unbound, he is unbound!


Bloodsup – sips the blood with sharp fangs
Magic Papyrus – his mummy wrappings gather, strengthen, intertwine, and glow with an arcane might
Left Hand of Ramses – his sun disc blares, cloaking the world in white light. The power of the moon is no match!
Right Hand of Dracula – transforms his papyrus into tentacles tipped with fangs, through which he sucks the blood of his foes
Let Me Break Out My Chopping Hand – encases his arm in papyrus to karate-chop foes into submission

Robert Fishman

This prehistoric amphibian, scarred by scientists long ago, was trying to enjoy a long retirement in a Galapagos lagoon when Dracula stopped by…


Great Strength – his arms have great strength

Trials the Witch Cat

Move over, Salem! Think you’re hot stuff, Heathcliff? Talk to the hand, Garfield! There’s a new Top Cat in town!


Garlic Farlic Babarlic – magically manifests a cloud of garlic
Double Gubble Bubble – magically manifests a bubbular shield around herself
Fake-Me Lake-Me Crake-Me – magically manifests a false double (no relation to Double Gubble Bubble)
Fire Pyre Multiplier – magically manifests a fireball
Axe Wax M’gacks – magically manifests a battleaxe
Rocks Crocs Tocks – magically manifests a bunch of stupid rocks

Walter Whipple

Apparently this guy is Dracula’s friend or something.


Icy Glare – a perk of midlife crisis. Not actually a special move, but it does make others very depressed
Shuffle Forward – shuffles forward
Olympic Gymnastics – displays surprising speed and nimbility

Igor the Hunchback

In some cases, those known as wretches in former days do not have to remain outcasts…they can rule the world in guise of wolves.


Delegate – he’s the President; he can probably just sit around and tell other people to fight

Commander Alice

A top-class agent who hates nonsense.


Gun – uses a gun. It’s almost cheating to call this a move, but when you work for a government preserving the greatest of all goods, nothing is cheating
Judo Flip – flings an opponent out of bounds